Jupiter Medical Center Annual Report photography

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Annual Report Shooting the annual report for the Jupiter Medical Center was a great project.  Each shot was done on different days in  different sized rooms which proved difficult to keep the lighting and and feel for the annual report a little challenging… somehow I was able to pull it together.  Keeping  the background  the same shade was helped out a little in post production.  The Art Director did not want a typical rigid look to the portraits but wanted them to show each doctor and patient’s personality and relationship with one another.


Food Photography & Lifestyle Photography

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Seminole Hard Rock RestaurantThe Seminole Hard Rock


Lifestyle shoot for iPic Theater in Scottsdale, AZ

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On location in Scottsdale, AZ for a lifestyle shoot for iPic Theater to showcase this unique property.  Its actually one of the coolest concepts in movie theaters that I’ve seen.  Not only do you have a theater with big comfortable ‘Lazy-Boy’ style seats but a restaurant that is attached (you get your theater food from the same kitchen) and a bar.  There is even waiter service to your seat… It’s a one-stop shop for a date night!

Cyclist Jennifer Schuble shot for FITNESS Magazine May 2011

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US Para-Cycling team member Jennifer Schuble

I shot US Para-Cyclist team member Jennifer Schuble in Miami for Fitness Magazines That’s The Spirit! May 2011 issue with the help of assistant Micah Kvidt.

Top Chef’s and Restauranteur of Palm Beach County

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Top Chef's

For this assignment of the top chef’s and restauranteur’s of Palm Beach County I pulled out an old square fluorescent light rig I made out of PVC and four single light bars from a lighting store.  It not only gives a flat even light but can really separate the subject from the background by adjusting the distance from the subject to the wall.  For this series I had the subjects close to the backgrounds.  Also for headshots It gives a really cool catch light in the subjects eye.  Restauranteur David Manero, left, owner of ‘The Office’ ‘BurgerFI’, DeVito’ and ‘Vic and Angelo’s’ restaurants.  Chef Roy Villacrusis, owner and Chef at Kubo Asian Cuisine in North Palm Beach.

Former NBA player, New York Knicks captain Ray Williams picks himself back up.

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Former New York Knicks captain and Boston Celtics basketball player Ray Williams played in the NBA for more than 10 years.  After a series of personal problems, health issues and bad investments Ray lost everything and ended up living in his broken down car in the front yard of a friends house in South Florida.  After former friends and teammates heard of his plight through an article by The Boston Globe Ray has now gone from living in his car to having a job for the Parks Department in his hometown.  The media department at Madison Square Gardens did a two part series on Ray Williams and his story.  You can see the videos by clicking the links below.

NBA Player Ray Williams Story Part 1

NBA Player Ray Williams Story Part 2

PGA Tour golfer Fredrik Jacobson

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PGA Golfer Fredrik Jacabson

PGA Golfer Fredrik Jacabson

PGA Golfer Fredrik Jacabson

PGA Golfer Fredrik Jacabson

I recently photographed PGA Tour golfer Fredrik Jacobson and his family at their home in South Florida.  We originally scheduled an hour and a half for our shoot (which made me nervous) so I had to keep the shots tight and stripped down.  It turns out he was leaving the next day to start the 2011 PGA Tour kickoff in Hawaii.   The shoot went very well, he ended up being very relaxed and open to different ideas and gave me about 3 hours with him.